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Change is afoot at Research

02 October 2006


I'm working on a very brand-spanking-new version of the website - a complete technical overhaul of how everything here works.

Basically, I'm making the blogs much easier to keep fresh, and re-evaluating the site structure, as well as giving everything a consistent look-and-feel (apart from the more-personalised blogs!).

You shouldn't see too much change here for now, but over on the new building site you can watch what I'm doing as I go along, should you be so interested. The building site is based at www.grimaceworks.com - don't worry - I'm not changing the name, just using another handy domain name I happen to own. Oh, and don't get too hung up on the content just yet - it's mostly 'humerous', non-functioning test data!

Grimaceworks, of course, comes next :)

Go to there



28 January 2006
"The presence of BEYOND THE IMPLODE will add some much-needed theoretical clout to our online portfolio, in comparison to some of our more frivolous blogs, like INFINITE FRIPPERY and EFFAY CUP".

Well, it didn't. He immediately quit.

Update 22-05-2006:
As if to add insult to injury, Martin has now upset the members of the band whose name he stole by calling them a bad name on his blog (back where it belongs here). Thus, I have removed all but the last post from the blog on this site (which I would like to keep as I find the comments baffling and amusing). I dunno - I blame myspace.


Extropia II

19 November 2005
Click here for pictures from the night.
1st December 2005
Extropia is back, this time in east London.
Public Life
82a Commercial Street
London E1 6LY


Michael Forrest - Broken Into Tumbolia

21 October 2005
Smunk has become Michael Forrest - and there's an album's worth of material available to download for free. So give it a listen and sign the guestbook while you're there!


New cinestatic contributor: HyperFlow

18 July 2005
"We engage with culture at the edge, mapping connections between bodies, capitalism, war, philosophy, fiction, and digital technologies" says hyperflow.

Let's see what that's like then shall we?


Jeremy McClintock

29 June 2005
Thanks to all for coming to Extropia I. This is a link to the video that was shown - enjoy!

Jeremy McClintock ... a voice arises.


04 June 2005
Long talked about and often promised, Cinestatic and WhoreCull are doing a club night! Extropia is from 8pm to 3am on Saturday 25 June, upstairs at Clockwork, 96-98 Pentonville Road, Islington, N1. Ten minutes from either Angel or King's Cross, this night of polyrhythmic sound on sound will cost you nothing if you get there before 10pm (and 4 after). Cull DJs, Confablog, Casagrande from Manchester and Other Worlds' Max Cole will spin beyond the genres, and Mike Smunk goes live with his trumpet electronica.
While they join the dots between maracatu and broken techno, there'll also be art from the Cinestatic collective, visuals and film. Come down and get involved...

Where is it?
Clockwork, 96-98 Pentonville Road, Islington, London N1 9JB
In the upstairs room.

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Trans Mat

21 April 2005
Philosophers are familiar with reason but are only beginning to discover intelligence. Impersonal, anonymous, and disinterested, intelligence may have found a temporary support in the terrestrial biosphere, but certainly not a home. It cares nothing for the norms of pure reason, the bounds of sense, or the interests of life. While transcendental orthodoxy wastes time staving off the imminent liquidation of reason, sense, and life, transcendental materialism celebrates the deterritorialization of intelligence.


Crisis Party

21 March 2005
Calling all Englanders... There's a combined Smunk, Beatmasta Bill and Foz party (in aid of Ann's birthday - three brothers playing for their sister!) happening - come along.



06 February 2005
Is it just me or does anyone else think it might be time for a Cinestatic Research 'Project'? Some kind of release or gig or pamphlet or something...

It seems to me that the standard of content on this site has been consistently improving over the months and years since its inception - I mean, just click on the 'Latest Track' below and listen to the range of music we've got on offer (if you haven't already!).

It must be some sort of anniversary by now.. The first proto-smunk blog on this site was in May 2002, before which time the site was mostly dedicated to Gaijin; pWiseman joined in December 2002, as did the now distant Freakuency, we've had Whorecull since 2003 and infinite thought since April 2004. There's Beatmasta Bill and Thinkyman kicking out the occasional tune, Sweet Effay came out of the comments box and into his own blog last year, there's artwork from Zeppo - so much to talk about!

So what can be done with all this? Is there a 'next level' to take it to?

I've put a comments link to the left - tell me what you think...

- Mike






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