Long talked about and often promised, Cinestatic and WhoreCull are doing a club night!

Saturday 25 June

upstairs at
96-98 Pentonville Road,
Islington, N1

Ten minutes from either Angel or King's Cross, this night of polyrhythmic sound on sound will cost you nothing if you get there before 10pm (and 4 after). Cull DJs, Confablog, Casagrande from Manchester and Other Worlds' Max Cole will spin beyond the genres, and Mike Smunk goes live with his trumpet electronica. While they join the dots between maracatu and broken techno, there'll also be art from the Cinestatic collective, visuals and film. Come down and get involved...

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cinestatic.com and whorecull.co.uk present: extropia:one - polyrhythmic sound on sound - SMUNK [live trumpet electronica], CULL DJs, CONFABLOG, CASAGRANDE and MAX COLE [other worlds, wah wah 45s] - clockwork, 8pm-3am - Saturday 25th June 2005 - 4 / free before 10pm