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GAIJIN :: PINSTRIPE :: Still worth a listen after all these years...

UK Garage / Dub
Yesterday's Folks
[c]2001 Gaijin
[Music by Michael & Max, Sax played by Pippa Morley]
[Original song by US69]

Hip-Hop / Breakbeat / Soul
[c]1999 Gaijin
[Vocals by Bean, Music by Michael, Dictaphone by Max]  
Indie / Electronica
Highway Drome Blues
[c]1999 Gaijin
[Guitar&Vox by Aled]
Get First Rays [aka 'gaijin' on Peoplesound]

Indie / Electronica
[c]1998 Pinstripe
Indie / Punk
Happy As Fuck
[c]1998 Pinstripe
    Review of a 1998 Pinstripe gig at Retroactive Baggage  
    Peoplesound Review: Pinstripe

Pinstripe are a hard act to describe. Quality tunes they have in abundance and an individuality borne of myriad discernible influences. They have a penchant for distorted vocals, it could be a vocoder it could be a loudhailer a la Sean Ryder, it could be feedback, we'll have to ask the band. Whatever it is the effect is used well on both Happy as Fuck and the madly catchy Confession. Maybe they'll make you as happy as they are?

  Comments about Pinstripe from Peoplesound:

[15th May 2001]

01 PSYCHé said on 10/04/01 j'adore les voix, le rythme les consonnances géant. 9/10me semble correct!

02 RICHARD NOLAN said on 29/09/00 Your ideas are great but I have a good suggestion, and dpending on what you want, eg if you are in it for enjoyment then you may just skip this, but if you want more read on: Your vocals are cool, however you have restricted your dynamic range. I suggest having clean vocals for the chorus to boost up the texture. The distortion will become more powerfull if separated. I am only beng honest and people can get bored with something that does not keep the mind going, at least try it once and see, you must have a very poerful chorus to see the benefits of this. Please try it, because you have lots of potential.

[The artist replied... Richard Thanks for your reply - it's a shock to see someone write so much! You are - of course - quite right, and we also believe dynamic range is important in a piece of music. However, the music you'd listened to is a couple of years old, now; and we think we've grown up a bit (where writing music is involved, at least). We'd really like to see what yo uthink of our new music, so take a look and see how we've taken your advice on board! Some new stuff can be found on the peoplesound website under the name Gaijin, or you can listen to stuff at our site: Thanks for having an opinion, look forward to hearing from you! max ]

03 GREG said on 18/08/00 bon

04 LEE said on 25/07/00 good tunes man, very nice. try mine? -

05 EVOL said on 06/06/00 Pinstripe is a very good band! fuck off to every stupid person wich joke with them!
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